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"While searching the internet I came across a product, called 'Human Euphoria Cologne'. It has Human Sex Pheromones which are Scientifically Designed and Proven to Attract Females. Just like everyone else, I was initially very sceptical about the use of yet another attractiveness product, however..

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use pheromones

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"That one special girl from work, school or friends, in whom I always put the most effort in having fun with, always saw me as "their best friend", "older" or "younger" brother. I was fed-up with hearing things like;sorry, but your like an older brother to meandI really like you and I always have a good time with you, but you're not my type”.

"I felt like I would have to hear those same excuses for the rest of my life. Several times a day I asked myself why girls never liked me in the way I wanted them to like me.. I used to think nothing in the world could ever change that.. BUT NOW THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

"It is so EASY to use, it requires NO EFFORT at all and it works INSTANTLY!!

Now read on below where I will tell you everything about me, and this fantastic product..

- Bob Harolds

Who is Bob Harolds..?

As you may have noticed I am Bob, the creator of this website. For me, getting in touch with the opposite sex was impossible. But now, that has ALL changed..

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(Whilst Comfortably Reading The Rest Of This Page)

For five years I was in desperate need of something that would help me get noticed by females. I scoured the internet for all sorts of products, I tried SO many things but they gave me NO result at all.

I spent nearly a thousand dollars trying those products and the lack of success only made me more and more desperate with each attempt.
I was at the verge of desperation.

But, I decided to give it ONE last try and against all the odds, I found Human Euphoria Cologne. Of all the products I tried, it is THIS product that really WORKS! And THAT was for me the ONE reason to put up this website. Because I can now confidently tell you..

YOU don't have to go through the same misery like I had to. Because now there is ONE product helping all;
Human Euphori a Cologne will bring you love in your life..

..So What Do I Get Out Of This?

The effects of Human Euphoria Cologne are absolutely AMAZING.. After my success with Human Euphoria Cologne I wanted EVERYONE to know about this product. Now I've become a sales representative for The Human Euphoria Cologne Company. That's how convinced I am of this product.

There is simply nothing more satisfying than being able to help people make the right choice when helping them get a love- and sex life.

On this page, you can read all about Human Euphoria Cologne AND what it has done for me and thousands of other people.

All the knowledge and experience I've gained is here for you to browse freely. I'm confident it will change your life completely!

Success Stories From Users

There are literally dozens of new letters from satisfied people in my mail every week. Whether they just want to thank me or share their amazing experiences with me, I just wish I had the time and space to put them ALL on this website.

Success Story #1: Adrian Jackson

From: Adrian Jackson
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: Getting all the girls at highschool!
Adrian With Increased Attraction
Dear Bob,

For me, discovering the power of Human Euphoria Cologne was the best thing ever. I used to be that shy guy who always stood just out of the group, and never dared to approach a girl let alone ask her out. But now my fear and hesitation have completely disappeared. Not only have I become more confident and attractive, it is my whole life that has been changed. No longer do I come home depressed every day, because I was unable to get the attention from the girls that I wanted.

But when I searched the internet and read about your success with Human Euphoria Cologne I was immediately thrilled! It was really good of you to help me convince to buy Human Euphoria Cologne because it was worth every penny! Now everyday I notice girls glaring at me and at least two girls ask me to go out on a date every single week, incredible! I cannot thank you enough.

Bob, with Human Euphoria Cologne my life has now become complete. Everyone is either looking up to me or jealous! Once again thanks, you are the best!

All the best,

Adrian H.
California, USA

Success Story #2: Kevin Hall

From: Kevin Hall
To: B. Harolds

Subject: I can attract any woman I want now!
This Man Can Attract Any Woman
Dearest Bob,

Sending this letter to you is something I wanted to do for a long time.

When I first came across your website, I was immediately amazed about your experience and know-how with the female gender. I send this short letter to you to thank you for all the effort you have put in collecting all the material about Pheromone and the product itself, Human Euphoria Cologne. I have the deepest respect for your continuous and persistent search for a product that actually helps people become more attractive.

For that I must thank you because without your persistence, I would never have been able to get Human Euphoria Cologne. I can get attract any woman I want now, and it costs me no effort at all to use Human Euphoria Cologne. Everything you have written seems to be the exact truth as later I have found out. I just love to show off in the pub, they just don't know how I do it!

I would like to thank you very much for your advice and sincerity, for without it, I would still be that shy, single man without love. No one should have to waste their life without love.

Most delighted regards,

Kevin H.
Hampshire, UK

Anyone may read this letter! I would love to share my success with them.

Success Story #3: Matthew Garcia

From: Matthew Garcia
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: Finally getting the attention I wanted!
Attraction For All Men
Dear Bob,

I'm always together with my best friend, inside the Uni and outside. We are always trying to make new contact with the ladies at Uni. When I try to put my arm around a girl just for fun or because I fancy her, then every time they slapped my arm away or made up some sort of excuse to get rid of my arm.

My best friend has the luck that the girls come to him, they sit close to him out of themselves. I had accepted it for a lot of years. I decided to find something that would give me the edge. When I found Human Euphoria Cologne and I read Bob's story, I was convinced it would do the same for me.

And it did! Now when we are among the girls, they now also come to ME instead of just HIM! Bob thanks to you I will never have to look from the side how other guys score!

I can never thank you enough,

Matthew Garcia
Miami Beach, USA

Success Story #4: Thomas Roberts

From: Thomas Roberts
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: You are the best!
Man That Found Attraction Online
My good friend Bob,

Thanks again for convincing me of this product by putting up the website. As an IT-technician I normally prefer to send emails, but for this special occasion I wanted to write you a personal letter. Ofcourse you can share this letter with everyone else.

I cannot not express my feelings about how happy I really am right now. Your advice to use Human Euphoria Cologne has changed my life completely. I used to have a really tough time finding the right person , someone who I could love. Since youth I used to be insecure and I never could get that special girl I fell in love with at high school. But now, this has all changed.

Thanks to Human Euphoria Cologne I have finally found that one special woman! While having a drink downtown, suddenly, she suddenly approached me. We really only had one time of eye contact before, and it was if something magical happened. The pheromone did its work! She was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and we have been in love with each other since that special night.

I never expected this could ever happen! Now, I don't go anywhere anymore without Human Euphoria Cologne. It is making me strong because I know it attracts women like a magical magnet.

I would advice Human Euphoria Cologne to everybody who wants to find real love in his life.

Bob, thanks again and all the best.

Kindest regards,

Thomas R.
Indiana, USA

Success Story #5: Jim J. Brown

From: Jim J. Brown
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: "No more shyness, just girls!"
Hey Bob,

Just letting you and everyone know that Human Euphoria Cologne has the STUFF. Really, I had a really tough time attracting girls. Hell, just starting a conversation with them was already making me sweat. Meanwhile all the other guys were taking all the girls! But Human Euphoria Cologne has helped me big time.

The whole neighbourhood has to watch me take new hot girls home every few days! Ofcourse this is a secret between you, me and those who were lucky enough to come across this website!

At first I wasn't sure if anything could help me become more attractive, but Human Euphoria Cologne does all the work for you! My presence with girls immediately drives them crazy when wearing Human Euphoria Cologne! The whole thing has gotten so EASY, there's no more need for useless chitchat and building weeks on a relationship just to get a hold of a girl.

Just like you said Bob, Human Euphoria Cologne works easy, instantly and effortless! So whenever you see one man with a big group of girls, then take a guess who that man could be!

Thanks and regards,,

Jim J.B.
Washington, USA

Success Story #6: Peter Taylor

From: Peter Taylor
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: "It doesn't matter how you look like!"
Hi Bob,

I will tell you one thing right now; I am not the best looking guy. I used to be very insecure, especially because I have acne problems.

But let me tell you this, it doesn't matter who you are or how you look like! I believe you said it before on your website, but I'll say it again, Human Euphoria Cologne works for everyone! You don't need to go to the gym or spend hundreds of dollars to clothing and appearance. Only a few dabs of Human Euphoria Cologne every day will do something clothing and working out can never accomplish for you!

Before I ordered Human Euphoria Cologne things didn't seem like they could get any worse, so I ordered Human Euphoria Cologne without any hesitation. And I can't tell you how glad I am that I did! My colleagues are all asking me; how do I do it? And I say, well, I just wear a cologne..

Again many thanks. I think I'll go out tonight, see if I can break my record "scoring girls"!

Best wishes,

Peter K..
Ottawa, Canada

Success Story #7: Nathan Gustav

From: Nathan Gustav:
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: "My heart will never be broken again"
Dear Bob,

The product you recommend, Human Euphoria Cologne, has stopped me getting a near-depression. And you know why? I have been in love with a girl in my class since I've known her. I did my very best at pleasing her as much as I could, but she never seemed interested in a serious love relationship with me. I just couldn't understand why; until I started using Human Euphoria Cologne.

The first day I wore Human Euphoria Cologne in class I noticed she payed a LOT more attention to me. At lunch she suggested that we take a walk in the park, just the two of us. This was just the first effect of Human Euphoria Cologne and my heart was beating faster than ever! We sat down at a bench and came closer to me. And guess what happened.. she told me she how much she loved me and before I knew we were kissing! I just couldn't believe we were actually being intimate!

Finally after years of "being like an older brother to her" she is now my "steady girlfriend"! It's such a great and liberating feeling, the two of us together, we love each other! Human Euphoria Cologne actually worked! I wear it every time, she seems to love me more every day!

I really hope you will tell everyone else out there about my experience, they have GOT to know about this product, because Human Euphoria Cologne has made me, very, very happy.

Kindest regards,

Nathan Gustav
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Success Story #8: Gregory J. Thompson

From: Gregory J. Thompson
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: "I found my soul mate thanks to you"
Greetings Bob,

Thanks for all your effort you have put in this website. Last week I reached the age of (!) 59. I've always been busy with my business, directing local tv-series and commercials. I have enjoyed a great life so far, but somewhere I always felt empty. Many years ago I felt pretty well, but I got more and more concerned about my love life every year. Finding the right woman at my age is something that is a really hard thing to do.

I did not want to live and leave my life in loneliness. I thought I was never going to meet the right woman, and with all the methods I tried, it looked like I was indeed going to be lonely forever. But thank god for the internet, and your website! Human Euphoria Cologne gives you a huge boost in your attractiveness. Me having a love relation now with a 39 year old woman has got to be the proof!

Human Euphoria Cologne gave me the relief I needed so much. We are already discussing marriage, I will make sure to re-order some extra bottles of Human Euphoria Cologne!

Sincere regards,

Gregory J.T..
Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Success Story #9: Randalph Johnson

From: Randalph Johnson
To: Bob Harolds

Subject: Taking things to a new level!
Heya Bob,

What can I say, I don't know HOW you found Human Euphoria Cologne but it WORKED. Let's face it. I am not ugly, but I am shy. Many people didn't understand how I could just NOT get a girlfriend. I always noticed that the girls were looking at me in that special way, but I just didn't have the balls to act.

I was in need of something that helped me get on my way. I needed the girls to take the first step. Honestly I have always been sceptical about attractiveness products (such as books, training, that sorta stuff) because they never worked OR require to completely change your personality which is offcourse ridiculous. Human Euphoria Cologne is different from other products: its a pheromone product that WORKS. I wanted to stay being who I am AND attract girls at the same time.

Human Euphoria Cologne made me very rich.. love is just invaluable. Thanks to yout help, I am now the happiest guy on earth. Don't you think my girlfriend is beautiful? Hey - I owe it all to you Bob. All I did was apply some Human Euphoria Cologne and there she was.. a beautiful smile, face, personality.. I met her in the grocery store, who would have expected that? Doesn't really matter to me, all that is important is that Human Euphoria Cologne WORKED!

Thanks again, and all the best. Be sure to publish my letter for everyone out there to read!

Randalph Johnson
Philadelphia, USA

Here's How Pheromones Work..

From The Human Euphoria Company, Pharmaceutical Department:

"Human Euphoria Pheromone Cologne is a brand new formula that contains Human Sex Pheromones scientifically designed and proven to attract women. Just as animals use scents to attract the opposite sex, humans respond to pheromones that can greatly increase your chances of being approached and meeting women.

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals found in animals and humans which elicit sexual behaviors and are used to attract the opposite sex. Scientists have succeeded in identifying, isolating, and recreating this human sex pheromone. These natural pheromones have been well documented to trigger very powerful sexual responses!

Unlike fragrances, which are detected by the Olfactory Glands in the nose, Pheromones are detected by the Vomeronasal Organ or VNO. The VNO is located in the Nasal Pit directly under the nose. When inhaled, the VNO receives a pheromone signal which sends a message to the brain that stimulates the body and proven to create a subconscious increase in sexual desire."
- The Pharmaceutical Time

Basically it means that there are natural elements that we cannot SEE or SMELL but ARE existent. THESE elements are called "Pheromones" and are in fact a "forgotten" way of attracting the opposite sex.

Scientists have now finally found a way for you to ENHANCE your own pheromones with a scientifically designed Pheromone Cologne, that gives you the proven advantage in EVERY social situation.

"I think this purchase was one of the smartest things I have ever done!"

Dear Bob, I thank you SO much for putting this webpage online. It helped me make my life complete. Thanks to the Human Euphoria Cologne which I bought online through this website, my relation with the girl of my dreams changed from "being like an older brother to her" to an intense love affair.. I've been in love with her since forever! Bob, I think you're the greatest person ever!
-- Jerry Bernard in Vancouver (USA)

Hey guys, Bob truly is the man! This product has everything to increase your attraction towards any woman! Even shy men like me can now attract women with ease and without effort! I advice every man out there to go and buy these pheromones online now! Seriously, Human Euphoria Cologne will make these women go crazy! If you don't try this product then you'll never know what you're missing out on. If you're still sceptical, then check their 100% money back guarantee. I wish everyone good luck out there getting the woman of their dreams!
-- Kenneth Richards, Newport (USA)

And What Do The Critics Say?

Offcourse I've done a lot of research myself. To be absolutely sure, I read through many, many newspapers and magazines, and I have found a LOT of confirming articles. Here's a small grasp of the articles, of which some of them have even made the frontpages. Popular newspapers and magazines are:

The New York Times


Psychology Today


Human Pheromone link confirmed

"Human pheromones at last have the zest of scientific truth. 'This is the first convincing identification of a human pheromone receptor,'' Joseph Falke, a biochemist at the University of Colorado, said. The experiments offer the first solid proof of the existence of human pheromones, compounds produced by one individual that can influence the biology or behavior of another."

Study proves use Human Pheromones

"Researchers at the University of Chicago have the first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones. In findings published in the journal Nature, researchers explain they have found that female ovulation can be regulated (made longer or shorter) through the use of pheromones. The pheromones can regulate the time of ovulation and stimulate sexual desire towards the opposite sex."

The Smell of Love

"The researchers at the University of St Andrews studied how much women were attracted to smell of possible partners, and found that 90% of the women tend to pick up and use odour signals when considering a partner for a committed relationship. The findings indicate that pheromones carry information about the quality of signals of potential partners, and that these signals influence attraction.."

A Secret Sense in the Human Nose

"Singer and Foteos Macrides of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology in Massachusetts say there's an alternate route to the brain which influences the behaviour of females. The accessory olfactory system functions in humans as it does in rodents, bypassing the cerebral cortex allows pheromones to affect females social and sexual behaviour. It is very likely that they are not consciously aware that this process is happening at all."

In the search for these articles I encountered an overload of similar articles, ALL with confirming evidence that pheromones influence the behaviour of females unconsciously. I really value these evidences and together they really pulled me over the line to start using Human Euphoria Cologne. Next I will explain what exactly Human Euphoria Cologne did for me and thousands of others!

Start Controlling Your Life NOW

Why waste your time and money any longer on books, "free" e-books and guides, or tips and secrets you found on the internet, fitness training programs and 'cheap' pheromones? With Human Euphoria Cologne YOU can start building your OWN experience right of the bat because of Human Euphoria Cologne's IMMEDIATE effect."

So let me tell you about Human Euphoria Cologne. I'll let you into my advantages list just to see what Human Euphoria Cologne is doing for ME every day.. and can also do for YOU..

It's time to STOP WORRYING about all those things that get you insecure and nervous:

If you are asking yourself these questions..

? "what should I say to her?"
? "what does she think about me?"
? "is she noticing me at all?"

..or the WORST of their kind;

? "how do I get in touch with her in the first place?"
? "how do I start a conversion with her?
? "..why isn't any girl noticing me"??

Then I have some VERY good news for you.. I have found THE way to become more attractive..

I know exactly how you feel right now. I used to have a real hard time getting in touch with girls in the first place.. so trust me when I say that I've been there. And even when I could get close to any girl I was wondering for days; "how am I going to handle this"? How do I get her attention?

I'll let you into my personal advantages list just for you to see what Human Euphoria Cologne is doing for ME every day, and will also do for YOU..

Benefits & Effects That'll Take place

Every day I use Human Euphoria Cologne I notice what advantages it really has for me.. I couldn't pass a day without them!

Works for everyone. No matter WHERE you are from, WHAT race, color, height, looks, or education you have, ANYONE can use Human Euphoria Cologne. There are no guidelines for using Human Euphoria Cologne. As soon as YOUR order arrives you can use it HOWEVER you want and WHENEVER you want.

Instant and easy to use. When I get get up in the morning, applying Human Euphoria Cologne is part of my everyday routine. It's just as EASY as brushing your teeth, taking a shower and doing your hair. Then apply some Human Euphoria Cologne and you're all set for the day. And it works INSTANTLY, because as soon as I get to work and step into a crowded subwaytrain, I notice the IMMEDIATE effect it has on females.

Effortless use. I REFUSE to spend precious time working out at the gym, or reading useless books like "How to approach women", and thats just one of the many books I've read. Human Euphoria Cologne will do ALL the work for you.

Anonymous use. I can wear the cologne anonymously because the Human Euphoria Cologne has a NEUTRAL ODOR and it does not leave any marks on my clothes. I can choose to additionally wear one of my own perfumes without them mixing up in each other, which is really great.

High durability. Human Euphoria Cologne can last through the WHOLE day, 24/7. A couple of dabs are good enough to last for over 9 HOURS. Personally, I like to apply a little extra to get a 12 hour effect. I also carry Human Euphoria Cologne with me in my bag throughout the day, in case the day is going to be "longer" than I expected, if you know what I mean!

Dosing at free will. YOU decide how the dose Human Euphoria Cologne. There are NO limitations to applying Human Euphoria Cologne, whenever you want a bigger effect you are FREE to apply as much as you want to. Fertilize your sex- and love life at will!

Doing the work for you. The BEST thing about Human Euphoria Cologne is that you don't have to build time-consuming relationships to get in serious contact with girls. Because pheromones will work through an ancient way there is NO NEED to work with these days' methods. With Human Euphoria Cologne, getting in touch with girls has never been EASIER!

Self-confidence boost. With Human Euphoria Cologne I can finally get on with my life without constantly having to worry about how to get in touch with the opposite sex. My confidence has GROWN and even now it's still getting BIGGER every day!

You can turn the tables. I will let you into some of my secrets.. before I used Human Euphoria Cologne I was never getting the attention I wanted.. I didn't know what to do! But now that I wear Human Euphoria Cologne every day, GIRLS start APPROACHING me by THEMSELVES! And that's not all. Girls do not only look at me more often, but when they have approached me, I noticed that with Human Euphoria Cologne girls are so EASY to manipulate.. whatever you want them to do WILL HAPPEN!

Future perspective. What I've noticed when using Human Euphoria Cologne is that you can take it as far as you want to. Once a girl has fallen in love with you, you can sail out for a serious relationship. She will do anything for you, just let Human Euphoria Cologne do its work!

Discreet packaging. I'm very satisfied that I always receive my order in a PLAIN, discreet package. Another BIG advantage is that they don't indicate the product on the bill of my creditcard. This is a standard policy of the Human Euphoria Cologne Company.

Money back guarantee. They also have a no questions asked full 100% money back guarantee. So if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can return the cologne within 2 months and receive a full 100% refund, including shipping. That 100% money back guarantee is what really pulled me over the line to order Human Euphoria Cologne. What could I possibly lose?

All natural and no side-effects. I've been using Human Euphoria Cologne for 12 months now and I've yet to discover any side effect. The ingredients of Human Euphoria Cologne are all natural so you don't have to worry about a thing!

If I had NOT bought this product..

One thing is for sure.. my life would NEVER have been this way WITHOUT Human Euphoria Cologne. I am SO glad I tried this product, I will NEVER stop using it. I just took the shot and bought Human Euphoria Cologne and it has helped me get both a LOVE- and a SEX-life.
My worries are FINALLY over..

"Finally my life is complete all thanks to Human Euphoria Cologne"

"Hello, my name is Sven, and I lived in loneliness for too many years. In my life I was never able to attract that special woman. I just didn't know how to get in touch with the opposite sex. But my worries are over! When I discovered the product Human Euphoria Cologne, advised by Bob Harolds, I was amazed at how effectively it works. Within two days using Human Euphoria Cologne I found that special girl I had been looking for all my life. Finally my life is complete, all thanks to Human Euphoria Cologne. My love worries are finally over!
-- Jeffery Girard in Turcotte, Canada
"To everyone who wants to be loved;
get Human Euphoria Cologne"

"Hi, my name is Mark and I absolutely advice you to buy Human Euphoria Cologne if you are really willing to become more attractive. This is by far THE best product I have ever tried. Yes, I tried books, video courses, and even personal counseling, but all to no success. With Human Euphoria Cologne there is no need to put any effort in attracting women. And that is the way it should be!

So to everyone who wants to be loved; get Human Euphoria Cologne!

-- Peter Berry, St. Louis (USA)

Start Building YOUR Attractiveness Skills Today!

Really, I got up from a nobody to a real somebody. Girls absolutely LOVE a confident man and we guys know that. With Human Euphoria Cologne I have built my attracting skills from the ground up to a level I could only have dreamed of before. If I would put my skills in a report they would look like this; notice how they have improved IMMENSELY.

Using Human Euphoria Cologne

Using Human Euphoria Cologne

Shyness - no more
Making eye contact
Approaching women
Attracting women
Start a conversation
Flirting with women
Manipulating women
Doing that 'thing'
Keeping long term relation
Happiness in life
Personal karma
Self confidence
Shyness - very much
Making eye contact
Approaching women
Attracting women
Start a conversation
Flirting with women
Manipulating women
Doing that 'thing'
Keeping long term relation
Happiness in life
Personal karma
Self confidence

Overall attractiveness:

Overall attractiveness:

Now WHO would not like to show that kind of a 'report card' to their friends?

YOU wouldn't want to miss out on all of THESE skills now would you? Don't you want to be that guy who gets ALL the girls? It doesn't matter WHO you are, HOW you look like or WHERE you are from, because ANYONE, YOU can get these kind of skills too.

Notice that because I used Human Euphoria Cologne girls started approaching ME instead and THAT gave me a LOT of self confidence. Once your self confidence has grown you are automatically working on extra skills such as starting a good conversation on your own, but also practicing the art of flirting yourself!

The options are truly ENDLESS once you've started using Human Euphoria Cologne. No more insecurity, because you can work on your OWN preferences on how to attract girls. As an example, you could give preference to letting THEM approach YOU, starting off with some eye contact to generate those sparks and then start doing that 'thing', however you please!

Thousands have gone before you and have been transformed into REAL players, so DON'T get left out. It's time that YOU got your OWN piece of the pie!

Think About The Future!

Maybe you have been wondering about and considering other products. But TRUST me when I can tell you out of my own experience that they will NOT work.

Ofcourse you can go to the gym and work out for months at a time, read books, "free" guides, tips and secrets or even resort to "Personal counseling", but consider ALL the effort and time you will need to put in, and even then the results are not guaranteed. I would like warn YOU for the traps I encountered and mistakes I have made.

Why I advice you NOT to BUY, DO or READ:

Attractiveness Books.
Someone who writes a book about his success story can only tell you his story from one perspective; the authors perspective.
There's NO guarantee his ways will work for YOU too! Putting the few hours of spare time into reading after a long day of work is a real waste of time. The biggest flaw with books is the lack of direct feedback. If you have any questions about Human Euphoria Cologne, you can email me for assistance at anytime!

"Free" e-Books & Guides.
The word "free" is usually a good indication that the author of the e-book or guide writes out of goodwill. This may have been so 5 or 6 years ago, but these days, the internet is all about making money.
ublishing free stuff on the internet is a way of getting lots of visitors to your website FAST. Visitors click on their ads which results in.. yes, money for the website owner. The quality of e-books and guides are often disputable and made up. I DON'T have any advertisements on my website and I will never place them. I believe that success stories should be spread BY people TO people out of sheer good will, instead of publishing phony information just to make money out of people by making them click on advertisements.

"Free" 'Tips' and 'Secrets'.
Now that you are familiar with how people exploit honest people looking for information, a substitute for exploitating with free e-books and guides are publishing free 'tips' and 'secrets'.
Often published on a small, short page accompanied with the BIGGEST amount of advertisements possible. A major drawback with free stuff is, that because it is often made up, you can suffer from MAJOR embarrassments when practicing these 'tips' in real life situations. I've gone through some very embarrassing scenes by trying those "lines" or "approaches".

Personal Consulting.
Personal consulting and training programs are something you need to be very aware of!
I'm particularly talking about those "online" courses which claim to offer personal consulting, and teach you how to become more attractive with.. video lessons? A user of Human Euphoria Cologne emailed me once; "How did you know these online courses are scams?" The answer is right in front of you; is the seller a well-known registered company? Does it have a REAL website? A good reason to distrust and forget.

Fitness Training Programs.
I still remembering that period of time when I started doing fitness. I think my back still hasn't completely recovered. Please believe me when I say going on a fitness program is the most time-consuming effort there is.
Having spent hundreds of dollars now to fitness lessons -clothing and supplements I don't feel much better. Now that I have success with Human Euphoria Cologne I am able to ask whatever questions I have to any girl, and I asked a girl once, would you fall for someone muscular? She replied "ugh, I HATE those guys showing off! If you think that was going to work you're on the complete wrong track, girls HATE guys who show off". Phew! I was glad I quit the fitness program in time.

Cheap Pheromones.
I have always been convinced of the power of pheromones, and before the discovery of Human Euphoria Cologne I was tempted to buy pheromones cheap because I already wasted so much money to other products and things that resulted in nothing.

Getting 10-dollar pheromones may be very tempting, but is NOT worth the effort. I too fell for those products that, as later I found out, contain artificially mass-fabricated ingredients, or in simple words, placebo ingredients. Placebo ingredients are like water and air, tasteless, without smell, and they don't do anything. The reason some people THINK it works is because they WANT it to work, even though the ingredients exist of water and "filler up" ingredients. You can get REAL quality and REAL ingredients for only a few dollars more. Paying for quality is a sure investment in your future.

There is NOTHING wrong still doing or buying either of these things I listed above EXCEPT for the fact that you will learn, just like I had to (the hard way), that in the long run, they will NOT accomplish the effects you are seeking. I've spent a LOT of years trying to figure what works with the BEST effect, the LEAST amount of effort and with the FASTEST result possible. Ofcourse, the decision is still yours.

Start Taking Matters Into Your OWN Hands Now!

STOP worrying about those things that get you insecure. Making eye contact, approaches and conversation are NO challenges with Human Euphoria Cologne. All of those things will all go by themselves as soon as the pheromones take effect.

With Human Euphoria Cologne you can PERSONALIZE your way of attracting girls. If you're not yet ready to make approaches yourself then just leave it up to Human Euphoria Cologne and let the GIRLS approach YOU! When you're feeling confident enough, you can later take matters into own hands and start perfectionizing your attractiveness skills.

And finally.. Human Euphoria Cologne does NOT require you to have ANY experience. Trust me, when YOU are there, and that beautiful hot girl approaches you for the very first time, and she starts coming on to you.. then you will KNOW what to do. Just let go ALL of your worries and let Human Euphoria Cologne do its magic..

"I think this purchase was one of the smartest things I have ever done!"

Hey people, I’m blown away by this product! I received my order on laundry day, so I decided to try it right away at the laundry mat. An attractive girl started to make light conversation with me. This never happened to me before so it truly surprised me. She ended up giving me her phone number. I've had this product only for a few days now and have had several more encounters like this one. I think this purchase was one of the smartest things I have ever done! But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!!

-- Kenneth Richards, Newport USA

User Experiences

I receive an incredible amount of emails every day from people of all over the world who want to share their experiences with me using Human Euphoria Cologne. Here's a hand full of my most recent emails:

"..I never was the best looking guy, and I tried so many other things to help me get in touch with girls, personality, clothes, etc. Now that I’ve tried Human Euphoria Cologne, I’m scoring more than I ever wished for..
-- Jerry Johanson, Toronto, Canada

It truly made my life a whole lot better.. Girls used to think I was a nerd or geek, but now it's a whole different ball game. The creator of Human Euphoria is my new hero!"
-- Matt Kenneth, Wyoming (USA)

"..It’s unbelievable! My co-workers are trying to date me now. Its love 24/7 !" 
-- Jack O'Reilly in Portland, USA

"The days of loneliness are over for me now that I have the Human Euphoria Cologne! I used to sit through whole sessions of speed dating without any results. Thanks to this Cologne I managed to pick up a girl at the mall today and tonight I'm taking her out on a date!!"
-- Allen in Chicago

"..this product is actually stopping my divorce! My wife seems to want to come back to me! I will definitely buy more Human Euphoria Cologne pheromones!"
-- Leen M. in Tholen (Holland)

"I just had to let you know that I have tried every single type of pheromone on the internet and Human Euphoria is the BEST! I love the fact that I can use it together with my own cologne. I just made a second order of 6 bottles, so I’ll get the maximum discount! Thanks again!" 
-- Karl Wilson, Detroit, (USA)

"Hi Bob. The Human Euphoria Pheromones have made my dreams come true! I used to have a hard time approaching girls, but now THEY are coming to ME! Talking about boosting a love- and sex life! I am feeling so confident now, I cannot thank you enough!"
-- Mark Hollow in Mississipi (USA)

"Thanks for putting up this website Bob. I am overcoming my shyness with girls in making the approach real fast!" 
-- Aaron Simons in London, UK

"I don't even have to change the fragrance that I love wearing. Just ordered 4 more bottles so that I can rotate my fragrances. Thank you Bob."
-- Leslie Alliet (Canada)

After our second child, my wife was not giving me the attention I wanted. Now that I use Human Euphoria Cologne, I even go home for lunch! All thanks to you Bob!"
-- George J.B. in Seattle (USA)

"I either looked really good last night, or this stuff REALLY works!!"   
-- Gordon, Sydney, Australia

"I’ve always had problems attracting women, my confidence was very low until I ordered Human Euphoria Cologne. Now I have women approaching me at the club, and I feel more confident than ever! Thanks so much, The Human Euphoria Company has earned a customer for life!"
-- Samuel Reeves in Mexico City

"Heya Bob, thanks again for recommending Human Euphoria Cologne! I've always had a crush on Paris Hilton.. and yesterday.. I met a beautiful girl that looked just like Paris Hilton! I love her so much! Thanks to you I now managed to seduce her.."
-- James Reese, Minnesota, USA
All of the experiences and knowledge given here on this website, from me and many thousands of others are nowhere else to be found on the internet. Help us stop those fake "tips", "free guides" and "cheap pheromones" scams, and spread the good word about Human Euphoria Cologne!

Now It Is Time For YOU to Get Down With the Ladies!

I have gotten rid of MY problems attracting females.. so why can't you? Don't stick with your problems, it's time to take action and get what you deserve! And, I will PERSONALLY help you solve your problems and guide you to the lovin' you deserve!

Right now, you are in the SAME situation as I was a year ago. But I KNOW what needs to be done to help you get in touch with the ladies.. and more!

Ask yourself this question: "do I want to stay in this position FOREVER?" I decided that I deserved better. I have tried TONS of things to get more success with the ladies, and NOTHING has ever helped me better than Human Euphoria Cologne.

I decided that it was ME who is in control of my life, and no one else. This goes for YOU too. Soon after I ordered Human Euphoria Cologne I knew that was the best thing I had ever done, and I will NEVER regret it.

And because Human Euphoria Cologne works so well.. I just HAVE to share this secret with you. So few people know how EASY it is to attract girls with Human Euphoria Cologne.. but because YOU are right now, right here reading this page YOU out of all other people can get that advantage and solve all of your attraction problems..
"You have got to try this product, because it really works"

"Hello, my name is Andrew. I'm 26 years old and I've discovered Bob's website four months ago, and I can't tell you how glad I was when I did. I was born with a shy personality and for me it was really hard to get in touch with girls. I have tried a lot of attractiveness products but none of them worked. I was very excited when I found Bob's website on the internet because I had finally found someone who understood my problems. And not just that, Bob also has a lot of experience with attractiveness products. And that is something I really feel comfortable with. Because thanks to Bob, with Human Euphoria Cologne my relationships with girls are going through the roof..

...You have got to try this product, because it really works. Bob, thanks again!"
-- Andrew Moore (USA)

Important Update:

From: The Human Euphoria Cologne Company, Sales Department
To: Bob Harolds

:: Important update ::

Due to the
great demand for Human Euphoria Cologne the top Management of The Human Euphoria Cologne Company decided that the price is going to be increased at Midnight on . Orders for the price of only $39,95 can still be made but only if you order Human Euphoria Cologne before Midnight on when the price is going to be increased from $39,95 to $69,95 for each bottle. This decision is final and is being carried out as I speak.

Best regards,

Edward Ross,
Chief of Sales Department of The Human Euphoria Company

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this, since this decision comes from higher hand. Luckily I placed my re-order just in time, but those who still want to get Human Euphoria Cologne cheap should order now before the price is going to be increased!

I strongly advice you to order Human Euphoria Cologne in time so you can get ALL of these things for still only $39,95..

100% RISK FREE Guarantee

With the 100% risk free money back guarantee that the Human Euphoria Company offers, there is no way you can go wrong. That way you can buy with confidence. That's the way I like it and I'm sure that you do too.
I quote this literally from the Human Euphoria Company website:

"If for any reason you are not completely satisfied return the bottle(s) within 2 months and receive a full 100% refund including shipping. No questions asked. Why do we make this incredible guarantee? Because every thing we say here is true and we know you will be satisfied with our products."

100% Complete Discreet Packaging

Receive your order in a PLAIN, discreet package. There will be NO indication of the product on the bill of your creditcard. This is a standard policy of the Human Euphoria Cologne Company.

"Don't worry about the packaging. I, just like anyone else prefer to receive my packages discreet. There's nothing on the package that gives away the content of the package or the name of its sender, which in this case is The Human Euphoria Company.
I really like their attention for discretion, because no one needs to nose around in my mail!"

100% All Natural Product

All of Human Euphoria Cologne its ingredients are 100% pure natural. Your body caries a minimum of this pheromone by nature, although not enough to cause effect. Only few people are aware of the power of pheromones, and with Human Euphoria Cologne you have a real secret advantage in your hands.

"Through the past centuries the amount of pheromones your body produces has dropped to almost zero, but with Human Euphoria Cologne you can restore the exact amount of pheromones in the way that mother nature always meant it to be. With Human Euphoria Cologne you can now attract women in your own personalized way!"

100% Professional Live Chat Support

If you are ever in need of any help regarding Human Euphoria Cologne you can contact their Live Chat Support. Their support is available 24/7, which is a really exclusive service.

I've seen many sites that offer many products, but they just lack the after-sale support. It feels really good to know that The Human Euphoria Cologne Company actually pay attention to the needs of their customers, especially after the product has been sold. Every company that has a solid customer support like this is trustworthy.

The Link to Your Success

Don't let ANYTHING get in your way anymore.

Here I have put up the link for you to order Human Euphoria Cologne.
Remember, I'm having more success than ever with Human Euphoria Cologne,
and now YOU can make YOUR worries about your attractiveness
disappear too.. FOREVER!

Order Human Euphoria Cologne without risking a single cent.
Note: Currently Human Euphoria Cologne sells at only $39,95 if
you order before Midnight . After then, the price is going
to be increased to $69,95 due to the great demand of this product.
Read about this Important Update by clicking here.

Orders can be placed by Creditcard, or by using any of the other payment methods.

I hope that I have been able to convince you of the fact that you should order Human Euphoria Cologne if you are seriously willing to try and buy pheromones. I've said it before but I'll say it again, there are a LOT of fake products on the market and I can tell.

Don't risk spending your money on a product that doesn't work, even if it tries
to be cheaper (I've learned these are fake products), spend it on Human Euphoria Cologne because me and thousands of others have success using it.
Soon you too will belong to those lucky few!

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your experience attracting girls and about all the people you have impressed with your new found playing skills. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!

All the best for attracting the girl of your dreams,

Bob Harolds

Remember, I've given you the ONE secret to success and you can be sure that it will pay for its effects. Ordering Human Euphoria Cologne is absolutely risk-FREE, and you can have your money returned at ANY time.
Stop living your life in loneliness today!

If you don't order Human Euphoria Cologne right now, how will you discover the magic world of LOVE? If you aren't sure if Human Euphoria Cologne is the right product for you, then
CLICK HERE to get FREE access to the Human Euphoria Cologne Private User Area to prove to yourself just how valuable Human Euphoria Cologne is.

If you are in need of assistance of any kind regarding the use of Human Euphoria Cologne then email me. I will personally help you get on your way and maximize your attractiveness!

I'll See You On The Other Side..

Hey - I'm not telling you to order Human Euphoria Cologne - the decision is still yours.
But given its power and current pricing (while it is still cheap) you do NOT want to miss out on these advantages. ELIMINATE YOUR DOUBTS TODAY - Human Euphoria Cologne will
turn your DREAM girls into REAL girls!

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